Selecting Your Resources
Perhaps the only thing more challenging than doing logistics improvements -- is selecting someone to support your company in this effort.  The support characteristics of LogiServe may help you to compare vendors.
Companies are accelerating programs to gain the demonstrable cost and service benefits from improved transportation, logistics and supply chain opportunities.  Many types of providers are competing to support these improvement opportunities, including logistics subsidiaries of trucking companies, freight bill processors, large shippers, freight brokers and major consulting firms.
Each type of support service is different in its approach, capabilities, results, and compensation.  Their focus varies from addressing one specific need (i.e., freight payment or technology only) to overall supply chain logistics plans. LogiServe carefully considered client needs in the design of its services, as follows:
Completely objective – findings, not other interests, determine solutions
A variety of experience with improvements from various perspectives (Industry, transportation, 3PL’s and consulting)
A broad base of industry sectors served
On Transportation based projects, clients benefit from our activity and  leverage in the marketplace
Experienced team with significant project management and implementation skills resulting from actual experiences
A willingness to be stakeholders in client projects
Decision support tools accelerate savings and effectiveness
Our long track record of producing 10% to 40% savings for our clients, while elevating service
Process driven